DTP & graphic design


DTP & graphic design

The quality of your communication logically depends on an expertly handled graphical phase, which frequently complements the translation. Proper interpretation of a message depends on the quality and precision of its graphic presentation. How text is positioned and how hyphenation rules are applied needs to be handled by someone who has full command of the chosen languages, which will ensure your message is safely delivered intact.

Translation and graphic delivery

If you have no DTP department within your own companyyou can ask us to deliver the graphics for foreign versions of your project using Indesign, Illustrator or Photoshop.Once we have processed the project, we will send you a “ready for press” PDF document, accompanied by the translated file (1 copy of the text for each language, following the original format). On receiving your approval of the draft, we will send you a high-definition PDF file with crop marks, ready for printing. We can also work closely with your printer on the technical interface if necessary.

Processing of page layout files

For communication documents created in Adobe InDesign format with page layout, we can carry out translation within the source document itself. We will deliver you a version in the foreign language not executed in the source document

Post-layout proofreading

All our graphic design work includes post-layout proofreading and a hyphenation check.
If we are not tasked with the graphic design, we will automatically give you the option of having the document proofread once it has been designed and laid out by your DTP department. The service includes checking that the translated texts have been properly incorporated, checking of the translations and checking of the hyphenation.

Delivery in Latin, Arabic, Asian or Cyrillic scripts

In our agency, we can handle all current fonts, but our clients’ IT systems cannot always cope with Arabic, Asian or Cyrillic characters. Depending on the circumstances, and if we have not be tasked with the graphic design, we will deliver the font used to you alongside the file or, for Arabic, for example, the vectorised text.

All we shall need from you to translate within the original files or for the graphic design are the original finalised and approved layouts, accompanied by HD imports of the images and the character fonts used in the page layout.