Scientific translation



Material safety data sheets (MSDS)
• Air, water and gas analysis reports
• Technical documentation for analysers and portable or in-situ devices
• Descriptions of reagents and other solutions

Scientific fields require accurate knowledge of the topics being discussed. The accuracy of the vocabulary and the terms used is essential in making your documents credible. The translators and engineers who work in these fields are trained to meet such requirements and provide you with top-quality translations.

Trained in science and technology, our teams will work in harmony with you to provide a service that matches your requirements.

Our teams take the greatest care possible when translating your sales pitches, brochures websites etc. with tremendous accuracy to reflect your business culture perfectly.


Work for DELTA NEU:

Translation from French into English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Dutch

  • Data sheets
  • Operating instructions
  • Filtration line installation reports
  • Functional specifications
  • Website
  • Marketing brochures


Work for PENTAIR (formerly TYCO FLOW CONTROL):

Translation from English into French

  • Data sheets
  • User, maintenance and service manuals