Mecatrad, your optimal translation service


We meet you to learn about your requirements and the specific characteristics of your sector.


One of our coordinators is assigned to you. They take charge of your account.


The team is assembled: the specialist in your business area familiarises themselves with the technical and cultural particularities of your translations.

We draw on the professionalism and expertise of our team of translators to guarantee the quality of all our work.

We know that our translations will contribute to the credibility of your communications, so we offer you an efficient process which will help improve the circulation and understanding of your messages.

You need the right words, the right vocabulary, but MECATRAD goes further. A translation which perfectly mirrors your business culture, the atmosphere you wish to create, the context in which it is read, technical specifics and more.


We offer you the MECATRAD team’s interpretation.


You work with the MECATRAD team to make adjustments to your translations.



All our translations are proofread and corrected by proofreaders/translators who specialise in your business area.Proofreading of the documents is an essential step in ensuring that what is produced is consistent, uniform and of the highest quality.

We see exchanging views as an essential part of working more effectively together. That is why proofreading is automatically done as a team activity, comparing judgements and arriving at the right tone.

MECATRAD is committed to making the changes you want to see, to achieve an optimal result.


MECATRAD delivers a final document in electronic format including all your texts.

We offer a selection of page layout solutions: Continuous text using a word processor such as Word ®.

> “Identical” page layout in Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint® etc.

We can process images according to your needs: digitisation or optimisation. Thus our translations are directly integrated into your visuals.

> Direct retranscription using dedicated software, Autocad®, SolidWorks® and more.

We can create a translation memory using Trados® or Wordfast® to ensure that your translations are consistent and uniform.