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French translation agency ​

French translation agency

Technical and scientific translation represents MECATRAD’s core business, but its competence extends to other specific sectors such as legal, marketing and institutional.

MECATRAD grew out of a change in direction for the OPTI THERMIE ENVIRONNEMENT research bureau in 2000, but it still benefits from the technical and scientific skills of its founders (initially trained to PhD level in engineering).

Combining technicians and linguists (translators-interpreters) in this way facilitates our understanding of even the most specialised content, and ensures translations are highly reliable and accurate.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the field, MECATRAD can bring added value to a diverse range of content (manuals, brochures, training guides, PLC programs in machine code, functional specifications, sequential function charts and more). This means we can offer services across specialist areas such as analysis (physicochemical measurement and control), mechanical engineering (machine tools, robotics, cutting tools), metrology, industrial valves, food processing, tourism, environment, engineering, and industry and business services more generally.

MECATRAD is primarily a company with a human touch, open to new communication technologies and deeply rooted in its ethical values.

Today we are faced with a new form of “translation automation” invading the market, taking its toll on quality and, more particularly, the translator as a source of huge added value.

Indeed, as they try to handle larger volumes of work and grow their profits, many of the major players in the translation industry have chosen to go down the road of automating the work, using artificial intelligence, and leaving professional translators to handle the subsidiary tasks of proofreading and validation. Needless to say, this kind of approach to the work only leads to pedestrian, even “word for word” translations, with no room for semantics…

MECATRAD, with its professionalism and ethical values, has decided to take a stand against that, and only uses its many translators who have worked with it since the business took its very first steps. These people are our colleagues and friends too, and have always risen to our expectations; so we have a duty to support them in their work. However, that does not stop us introducing tools to aid translation and manage projects (known as Translation Memories, or TMs), using professional applications like Trados™ and Wordfast™. These tools actually reduce the cost of translation for the end customer by re-using repetitions and content which has already been translated previously. Not only does this reduce the final bill, but it also rewards loyalty!

We are always keen to seek your views when finalising glossaries. After all, who knows your products better than you yourselves? We keep these exchanges as brief as possible, but they allow us to keep our work faithful to the culture within your company. It is often said that you learn from your mistakes… that goes for us too! But we know how to respond quickly and do everything it takes to make any corrections needed, in line with our internal quality assurance policy.

We are aware that the projects you ask us to take on are the shop window for your company, that we are just as responsible for the results as you are, and so we always work with the same specialist translators and interpreters. With their proven experience and a passion for their work, they will find the solution to each and every one of your linguistic problems.

MECATRAD does everything in its power to become the embodiment of your in-house translation department.

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Damien , Technical and Scientific Translator (EN>FR)

Damien started his translation career with the OPTI THERMIE ENVIRONNEMENT technical research bureau in 1997. He founded MECATRAD and has been its manager since 2002. Rigorous, exacting, and a perfectionist, Damien translates more than a million words a year in complex sectors such as industrial valves, machine tools and robotics, control and analytics, metrology and more.

He lives in Éloyes and has two children, Nathan and Thalia. His favourite sports are football (particularly amateur, as he runs an Under-15s team at the Éloyes club), rugby and KAPAP (a variant of KRAV MAGA, a combat sport that originated in Israel).

Coordinator - Business Manager

Céline’s role within the MECATRAD translation team is to satisfy its clients’ most exacting demands.

Resourceful and determined, with 15 years’ experience of translation project management behind her, she has proved herself capable of overcoming a variety of challenges, even arranging translations into Tibetan!

No language combination is beyond her reach!

Passionate about her project management role, Céline takes pride in responding promptly and effectively to even the smallest request from clients. Nothing makes her happier than to establish a business relationship based on mutual trust to provide the most suitable translation, whatever the context.

When not at work, she is equally vivacious and dynamic, with eclectic tastes in leisure activities, attending local concerts, taking her children to the cinema, or wielding a hammer and drill alongside her partner !

Technical and Scientific Translator (EN>DE>RU>FR).

Creator of the OPTI THERMIE ENVIRONNEMENT technical research bureau in 1997, after research work on process engineering, Christophe now undertakes many translation projects covering industrial analytics, machine tools and agri-food.

As manager of a number of engineering departments, he specialises in renewable energy, energy management and environmental quality in construction.

Now an associate lecturer of the Nancy School of Architecture and a teacher at ESPI, Christophe is passionate about the experimental research he undertakes with his students on ecological transition.

Living in Chantraine with Martine and Théodore, he volunteers with a number of local associations.

Marion is the latest recruit to the MECATRAD team, working as a Project Coordinator and Project Manager.

Having honed her skills at the IUT (Institute of Technology) in marketing and commerce, Marion’s responsibilities will include overseeing new projects and managing relations with our translator partners. Marion loves the simple pleasures of life: spending time with family or friends, or countryside walks with her two children and her wonderful dog Higlou.

Communication manager - DTP and web design

Maxime lives in the Vosges. After having studied marketing and then communication, he joined the MECATRAD team where he developed new communication tools. He manages all graphic designs and creates websites. He is a herbalist and a rock climber.


Technical and Scientific Translator (FR-IT> EN)

Matthew Butt lives in Rayleigh in the southeast of England. After studying at the University of Exeter in England he worked as a secondary school teacher for 11 years, before launching a new career as a translator. He has been translating professionally since 2003.

Outside work, he loves music. He sings tenor in the choir of Chelmsford Cathedral, and also in a number of local amateur choirs. He also plays the organ and the piano.

He takes physical fitness seriously and trains at the gym three or four times a week.

Technical and Scientific Translator (FR-RU-BG-MK> EN)

David Mossop studied Russian and French at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom where he later taught classic Russian literature. He was awarded his PhD in Linguistics at the University of Sofia in Bulgaria, where he also teaches semantics. David also works as a translator and interpreter of French, Russian, Bulgarian and Macedonian into English.

David is an avid horse lover. He owns three and when he’s not in front of his computer translating technical texts for Mecatrad, you can find him in the equestrian arena training his horses for dressage competitions.

Technical and Scientific Translator (EN-FR> PL)

Pawel has been a translator since 2003. He lives with his wife, his 13-year-old daughter and his 18-year-old son in the countryside in central Poland, not far from Łódź. He enjoys active life and nature, and he favors mountain holidays.

Pawel specializes in technical areas: automotive industry, energy, electromechanics, IT, food, logistics and transport.

he is an interpreter during business trips and training of technical personnel. His work being rather static, Pawel practices a lot of sports: swimming, cycling and running. Its objective is to participate, one day, in an Ironman event !

Technical Translator (FR-EN> PT)

Nicole obtains a master's degree in Portuguese literature. Daughter of Portuguese emigrants, she has always been part of the Portuguese culture. At the age of 24, she decided to settle in Portugal where she gave French lessons in language institutes. She has been setting up in parallel as a translator / interpreter for over 21 years.

It’s a hobby that gives her a lot of satisfaction. She was 3 times international competition jury. It is an artistic environment that fascinates her.

Her dream was to be a writer, from time to time she continues to write whatever suits her heart. Translation is partly a form of writing, it is a transcription.

Technical Translator (FR-EN> IT)

Eleonora is 39 years old and of Italian origin. She graduated from the Higher School for Interpreters and Translators of Forlì (University of Bologna). His preferred languages ​​are French, English and Spanish. Professional translator since 2008, she specializes in the technical translation and proofreading sector. She works from home in Mirandola, province of Modena, Italy. She is married to Nico, owner of a car dealership. They have a cat named Gigia. Eleonora enjoys traveling, cooking, exhibiting art and photography, and taking long walks in the countryside.

Translator (FR> IT)

Franca Caluisi is Italian, originally from a small village a few kilometers north of Rome. She arrived in France in 1990 and started teaching Italian in 1992, to both adults and students, mainly in Auvergne. In 2000 she became a freelance translator. In 2017, she passed the Brightlanguage certification in French, level C2. She loves series, loves world cuisine, travels and devours books (preferably detective stories). His dream would be to translate one, one day. In the meantime, she has co-authored her first Italian textbook "Buon viaggio" with Ellipses editions.

Technical and scientific translator (En-Fr> Es) Carmen has been a technical translator since 1998. After completing her studies in Accounting at the University of Salamanca, she moved to Madrid. She works in the administrative field internationally. Knowing English and French, which she has cultivated since her childhood, she often receives translation requests from her colleagues. The taste for the precise word, the pleasure of creating faithful and well-written texts, made her make a decision: she then gave up accounting for languages. She became a translator at Estudio Internacional Sampere and she embarked on the adventure of translation. Today, she works with her words, her horses and her vegetables in Sanabria, a beautiful wild region in the North West of Spain.

Yury, translator-interpreter since 1976, language teacher.

Born in the USSR, the country that no longer exists, he has been living with his family in France (Béziers) since 2011.

A great lover of French culture and civilization, especially cinema and song, Yury is passionate about photography and computers, he is a true football fan. One of the most famous staging of Genet's "Bonnes" in Russia has retained the music he had chosen for this piece, and one of the colleges specializing in teaching French in Moscow is still proud of the phonetics course he had recorded. Yury played Edith Cresson and Renaud on their respective trips to Moscow.

Translator (FR-EN-ES-PT> DE)

Christophe lives in Mannheim, in the south of Germany. After studying English and Romance languages ​​and training as an industrial clerk, he worked for a while in accountancy. Since 2004, he has been a freelance translator, and has worked regularly with Mecatrad since 2006. He translates texts from English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Latin into German. In his spare time, he reads a lot, listens to music, works with computers, and collects stamps and coins.

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