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Technical and scientific translation represents MECATRAD’s core business, but its competence extends to other specific sectors such as legal, marketing and institutional.

MECATRAD grew out of a change in direction for the OPTI THERMIE ENVIRONNEMENT research bureau in 2000, but it still benefits from the technical and scientific skills of its founders (initially trained to PhD level in engineering).

Combining technicians and linguists (translators-interpreters) in this way facilitates our understanding of even the most specialised content, and ensures translations are highly reliable and accurate.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the field, MECATRAD can bring added value to a diverse range of content (manuals, brochures, training guides, PLC programs in machine code, functional specifications, sequential function charts and more). This means we can offer services across specialist areas such as analysis (physicochemical measurement and control), mechanical engineering (machine tools, robotics, cutting tools), metrology, industrial valves, food processing, tourism, environment, engineering, and industry and business services more generally.

MECATRAD is primarily a company with a human touch, open to new communication technologies and deeply rooted in its ethical values.

Today we are faced with a new form of “translation automation” invading the market, taking its toll on quality and, more particularly, the translator as a source of huge added value.

Indeed, as they try to handle larger volumes of work and grow their profits, many of the major players in the translation industry have chosen to go down the road of automating the work, using artificial intelligence, and leaving professional translators to handle the subsidiary tasks of proofreading and validation. Needless to say, this kind of approach to the work only leads to pedestrian, even “word for word” translations, with no room for semantics…

MECATRAD, with its professionalism and ethical values, has decided to take a stand against that, and only uses its many translators who have worked with it since the business took its very first steps. These people are our colleagues and friends too, and have always risen to our expectations; so we have a duty to support them in their work. However, that does not stop us introducing tools to aid translation and manage projects (known as Translation Memories, or TMs), using professional applications like Trados™ and Wordfast™. These tools actually reduce the cost of translation for the end customer by re-using repetitions and content which has already been translated previously. Not only does this reduce the final bill, but it also rewards loyalty!

We are always keen to seek your views when finalising glossaries. After all, who knows your products better than you yourselves? We keep these exchanges as brief as possible, but they allow us to keep our work faithful to the culture within your company. It is often said that you learn from your mistakes… that goes for us too! But we know how to respond quickly and do everything it takes to make any corrections needed, in line with our internal quality assurance policy.

We are aware that the projects you ask us to take on are the shop window for your company, that we are just as responsible for the results as you are, and so we always work with the same specialist translators and interpreters. With their proven experience and a passion for their work, they will find the solution to each and every one of your linguistic problems.

MECATRAD does everything in its power to become the embodiment of your in-house translation department.

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Our commitment
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Translators and interpreters specialising in your business area, operating in harmony with equally specialised editors and proofreaders, all working into their mother tongue exclusively.
More than 18 years’ experience.
Our translations are adapted to your corporate culture.



A rapid response to your requests. A detailed estimate within 24 hours. Short delivery deadlines, with contact persons always available.



MECATRAD undertakes to respect the confidentiality of the documents entrusted to it.



Accurate and reasonable pricing, from as little as 0.08 euros per word.



A single coordinator assigned to your account, to deal with all your requests.

Translating means expressing your message with just the right tone, considering the business and cultural environment into which the text will be launched.



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